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Magmotor Technologies Inc. is a servo motor manufacturer that specializes in providing cost-effective electromechanical motion control solutions to equipment manufactures serving several high-tech industrial markets including:

  • Semiconductor

  • Medical Devices

  • Machine Tool

  • Automation

  • Automotive

  • Robotics

  • Battlebots

We offer a broad range of brush motors, brushless motors, custom designed motors, MagLev products and custom assemblies, including multi-axes stages. In addition a wide range of add on products, encoders, gearboxes, connectors, pulleys and gears.

Magmotor Technologies Inc. offers comprehensive engineering expertise in system design and integration for OEM and system suppliers of electric, hybrid electric and fuel cell powered vehicles.

Magmotor was founded in 1876 under the name of Kendrick and Davis (K&D) in Lebanon, NH. Kendrick and Davis manufactured a line of AC & DC fan motors under the name of Porter & Kent Motors, until Herbert Peterson purchased the business in 1978. The motor business was renamed K&D Magmotor and relocated to Worcester, MA. It was acquired from Satcon in September, 2008.

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