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Magmotor strives to meet our customers needs and specifications.

  • Mounting Configuration

  • Sealed IP65 or IP67 on most motor series

  • Connectors and Cables

  • Encoders

  • Hollow Shafts

  • Brakes

  • Gearboxes

  • Flanges

  • Adapter Plates

  • Keyways and Flats on shaft

  • Explosion Proof

- Magmotor offers a wide range of customizable DC motor solutions, allowing customers to tailor motor systems to specific requirements.

- One essential customization option is the addition of brakes, which provide precise control over stopping and holding positions, ensuring optimal safety and stability.

- Gears and gearboxes are also available, enabling customers to adjust the motor's speed and torque to suit their application needs.

- The integration of encoders offers enhanced accuracy and feedback, enabling precise motion control and position sensing.

- Additionally, connectors can be customized to facilitate easy installation and maintenance of the motor system, promoting efficiency and reducing downtime.

- Magmotor also offers the option of incorporating thermistors to monitor temperature, ensuring reliable performance and preventing overheating.

- For applications that require protection against harsh environments, IP65-rated motors are available, offering resistance to dust and water ingress.

- Moreover, for hazardous environments, explosion-proof customization ensures that the motors can safely operate in potentially explosive atmospheres. With these diverse customizations, Magmotor empowers customers to create tailored solutions that optimize performance, safety, and reliability in a variety of applications.

Magmotor assembles and tests every motor before delivering them straight to you.

Contact us to have motors customized to fit your design.

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Explosion Proof Design
Watch NASA test equipment that features our motors
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